About me (and my hair)

As a child I had no idea that I had curly hair – I would constantly brush it hoping to get the smooth, shiny locks that I saw in advertisements. I couldn’t understand why my hair was so fluffy.

Around the age of 12 (roughly the year 2002) straighteners became a mainstream thing (probably due to the launch of GHD in 2001). I became a pro at speedily straightening my hair every morning before school.

Fortunately only a year or so on from this, a few people in school had great curls and made curls fashionable within the school. I did my best to embrace my curls – despite the frizz and terrible second day hair (that I would always put into a messy bun).

Finally in early 2019 I discovered the Curly Girl Method – it would be a complete lie if I said that overnight I got the curls that I always wanted but I do think my hair is improving.

An illustration of me

About Curly Girl Approved UK

My first attempt at buying Curly Girl approved products was a complete fail and I know that I’m not the only one to experience this. I hadn’t planned exactly what I was buying; I thought I would just figure it out once I got to the shop and saw what was in stock and what was on special offer. I knew the basics – to avoid silicones and sulphates and I had remembered a few brands/products that people had mentioned. I headed to the curly hair section and tried to read the ingredients on every product. It left me baffled and deflated. I accepted that my first Curly Girl wash would not happen that evening.

Undeterred I went home and turned to Google – the internet has a tonne of great information on the Curly Girl Method – loads of blogs and YouTube videos about peoples versions of the method, their routine, their favourite products, product reviews, homemade recipe’s etc. etc. However I didn’t come across anything focused on numerous products. I wanted to be able to walk into a high-street shop in the UK and know exactly what I could and couldn’t buy.  Hence I made Curly Girl Approved UK. I aim to keep adding content so that it’s a comprehensive, product focused resource for anyone who is following the Curly Girl Method.