Hair Tools

A whole load of useful stuff that isn’t shampoo / conditioner / mask / gel / moose


When it comes to diffusers, it’s unlikely you’ll have any recommendations other than the Gama. It fits almost any hairdryer and people love it for its huge bowl.

Hair dryer

I have only heard good things about the Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer. Yes, it’s expensive but those who have it think it’s worth it.

Beauty Supplements

I always thought that I didn’t need / wouldn’t benefit from multivitamins as I was convinced that by being a daughter of a dietician, I had a healthy and varied diet. It was my hairdresser who suggested that I took them, I was skeptical but both my hairdresser and I were impressed with the result

Shower Filter

The majority of the UK has hard water and I only realised this was a problem when I started to meet people from all over the world that had moved to London and would say “Since moving from X to London the water has ruined my hair – it’s not nearly as healthy and soft as it was before”. The solution seems to be changing your regular shower head to one with a filter.

Scalp Massage Brush

It’s recommended that you spend time massaging your scalp (with fingers, not nails) but some people find it far easier and more effective to use a scalp massage brush. Look out for one with silicone bristles as rigid bristles will be too harsh on your scalp.

Microfibre towel/turban

I’ve recently learned that drying your hair with normal towels can lead to hair breakage and frizz. A microfibre towel is different because its finer threads are gentler. On the Independent’s review of 10 best hair towels and turbans, Aquis comes up top, however, Soap & Glory is also up to the job and is a fraction of the price.


Is it possible to have good curls the following day? Supposedly a hair buff is the answer. A buff is simply a tube of stretchy fabric typically sold to be worn as a headband/bandana but for the Curly Girl Method you’ll want to have it as a tower on your head covering all your hair. Put it around your neck, flip your head upside down, roll buff down over your hair, flip back, tuck any ends in, tie the corners, et voila.

Silk Pillowcase

Not getting on with your hair buff – it falls off, it looks ridiculous… Maybe a silk pillowcase is the answer.
The idea behind the silk pillowcase is that it causes less snagging and helps your hair retain more of its natural oils than sleeping on cotton.

Curl clips

For volume at your roots, a two-prong pin curl clip without the bar going through the middle is recommended.